Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

Bled 2002

Arty shots of Lake Bled

Arty shots of Lake Bled

Arty shots of Lake Bled

Matthew Simmons and Daniel De Lisle

Guernsey v Jersey (Rowe, Cummins, Curtis and De Lisle v Hawes, Simmonds, Boxall and Hill)

Views from my room

Views from my room

Rowe, Hamperl, Cummins and Curtis ready to play

My first move seemed to amuse my opponent v Iran

Now its down to serious business

John Cummins in typical pose

On the way to Venice we crossed the mountains

A view of other hotels across Lake Bled

Guernsey v Macau (in the remedial room!)

Fred looking very contented

Match action

Daniel, Fred and Paul on the shore of Lake Bled

In the mountains

Fred, John and Daniel happy to have made it back into the main playing hall

JC and PR

Guernsey v Papua New Guinnea (Hamperl, Cummins, Curtis and De Lisle)