Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

Prof. E. Katzir - President of Israel, Professor M. Euwe - President of FIDE, G. Heynen - International Arbiter

The Guernsey team at the Haifa Olympiad 1976 Ron Blow, Tony Taylor, John Bisson and David Browning and their appointed guide.

Guernsey play Venezuela at the Haifa Olympiad 1976 in the 11th round. The amusing story is that C Sanchez playing Eugene Lainé of Guernsey on board 4, in the foreground, had asked Eugene where Guernsey was before their game as he'd never heard of it. Eugene replied "we are famous for Victor Hugo". The venezuelan replied "and what board is he on".

Banquet room in Haifa.

Tony Taylor, Eugene Lainé, Ron Blow, Martin Whetton, Peggy Bisson, John Bisson, David Browning, Bill Denning.

The Guernsey team of an evening in Haifa. Peggy Bisson, Tony Taylor, guide, Ron Blow, John Bisson and Bill Denning.

John and Peggy speak with their Venezuelan counterparts.

The Israeli ruins.

In the hotel pool.

John Bisson swims in the dead sea with Bill Denning.

Enjoying the Israeli sun.

The Israeli security guards.

The Playing Hall at the Malta Olympiad 1980.

The combined Guernsey and Jersey team, Malta Olympiad 1980. Michael Newman, Tony Fulton, Ron Blow, John Bisson, Eugene Lainé and Tim Knight.

Eugene Lainé, Tony Fulton, Tim Knight, Ron Blow and Michael Newman.

Eugene Lainé, Tony Fulton, John Bisson, Tim Knight and Ron Blow.

First round against Switzerland at the Malta, Olympiad 1980. Eugene Lainé on board 3 plays Beat Züger who's so bored he's gone for a walk.

He's back, but he looks like he could be off again any minute.

An evening meal in Malta, Olympiad 1980.

The Malta Team at the Malta, Olympiad 1980.

The Combined Guernsey and Jersey team prepare to play Malta in the 10th round at the Malta, Olympiad 1980. Ron Blow, John Bisson, Michael Newman and Tony Fulton

FIDE Congress meeting Malta 1980: John Bisson represents Guernsey assisted by Peter Wilson.

Meal after the Malta 1980 FIDE Congress meeting.

Ron Blow, John Cummins, Carl Watkins and Tony Fulton prepare to play the UAE in the last round at the Lucerne, Switzerland Olympiad 1982.