Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

Guernsey's 1972 Skopje Olympiad Team with Cecil de Sausmarez. John Bisson, Walter Wallbridge, Tom Moriarty, Hedley Gavey, Ian Le Marquand, Eric Palmer.

Skopje Airport with the Guernsey team's assigned Tour guide.

Skopje Olympiad 1972 opening ceremony.

Outside the Skopje playing hall.

Inside the Skopje playing hall.

John Bisson vs Frodi Thomsen of the Faroe Islands. The game ended in a draw. In the background on board 1, Eric Palmer plays Helgi Joensen. This game was also a draw and the match was drawn.

The team outside their living accommodation in Skopje.

The houses were brand new and were to be used as accommodation for the locals of the town once the Olympiad was over.

The teams' living accommodation in Skopje.

The team Captains meet to discuss the how to present their gifts to the Yugoslav authorities, see John Bisson far right with his distinctive moustache.

A surprise visit is arranged by the Yugoslav authorities to visit Marshall Tito in his palace in Belgrade, John Bisson is stood right next to him. Dr Max Euwe is stood behind Marshall Tito. John gave Guernsey's present a set of Guernsey coins from the Tourist Board to the chief of Skopje (black rimmed glasses at the front).

Players going to and from games in Skopje.

Guernsey team of an evening in Skopje. John Bisson, Tom Moriarty, Walter Wallbridge and Hedley Gavey.

John Bisson plays Maurice Raizman (who had been no1 in France), needless to say he won quite easily. In the background Eric Palmer plays none other than GM Nicolas Rossolimo.

The Hongkong Board four and Captain Efim Krouk looks onto the modern setup in the game between John Bisson and Kwan Nam Seng.

Each Team was invited to plant a tree for the new town. The Guernsey team and their guide start work on tree 58.

John Bisson fills in the last of the hole.

John Bisson and the Guernsey Yugoslav guide proudly stand by their tree. John said a dog peed on it shortly afterwards.

Traditional Yugoslav dances were laid on to celebrate the tree planting ceremony.

One of the dancers.

Two visiting donkeys have it a little easier than two local donkeys (n.b. Guernsey men are affectionately known as donkeys because of their supposed stubbornness).

Nice Olympiad 1974 playing hall.

Nice Olympiad 1974 playing hall.

Guernsey play Portugal in the preliminary group 5, 8th round of the 1974 Nice Olympiad.

John Bisson eats out with his mates at the Nice Olympiad 1974. Boris Spassky and his first wife sit opposite. John managed to get Boris to come to Guernsey to play a simultaneous match in a local school hall shortly after this meeting. Colonel Edmondson in the foreground who assisted Fischer in his famous world championship match with Spassky. When Edmondson heard John Bisson was holding the 1st Guernsey International Tournament he said he would play. He also got count Dalvern from Italy to support the tournament. Edmondson stayed in John Bisson's house when he came to Guernsey.

Anatoly Karpov at the 1974 Nice Olympiad.

Anatoly Karpov of the Soviet Union preparing to play Ulf Andersson of Sweden in the 7th round match in the final stage at the 1974 Nice Olympiad.

Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union preparing to play Jan Donner of the Netherlands in the 5th round match in the final stage at the 1974 Nice Olympiad.

Anatoly Karpov between games at the 1974 Nice Olympiad.

Victor Korchnoi of the Soviet Union playing Robert Byrne of the USA in the 8th round match in the final stage at the 1974 Nice Olympiad.