Guernsey Chess Club and Federation Reports

Dr Euwe for his birthday invited one member of every Federation to a party in Amsterdam. John Bisson represented Guernsey, see him just in front to the left of the bridge. Dr Euwe had stayed in Guernsey with Cecil de Sausmarez (who played locally) and John Bisson presented him with a book of the history of the famous de Sausmarez family. Dr Euwe recalled the beautiful staircase in the Sausmarez Manor in Guernsey that he had ascended to his bedroom each night.

The Siegen Olympiad 1970 playing hall from the air.

The Siegen Olympiad 1970 playing hall.

Inside the playing hall Siegen Olympiad 1970.

Bobby Fischer gears up to start his game at the 1970 Siegen Olympiad.

The lady behind the counter to everyone's surprise announced she was a Bisson from the Vale parish of Guernsey. She'd married a Guernsey man serving in the British forces stationed in Germany.

The Guernsey team in Siegen: Eric Palmer, Ray Naftel Capt, Steve Jones, William Withers and Eugene Lainé.

John Bisson and Ray Naftel just shortly before Ray passed away.

The Guernsey players hotel.

Inside the hotel.

Ray Naftel, John Bisson and Eric Palmer.

A local watering hole for the Guernsey players.

Fisher and Spassky on the top board. Spassky went on to win.

John Bisson of Guernsey is in good shape and searches for the prettiest win. A German newspaper reported the results wrongly the next day because they thought John and Eugene looked more Turkish than the Turks themelves and mixed the teams up.

John Bisson soaks up the truly international aspect of the competition.