Summer League 2018 - Summary of Fixtures and results
Group A Group B
10th July  Holland v Davies 1-0 10th July Rowe P v Bateman P    
  Strade v Rowe O 1-0 Hale v Cummins 0.5-0.5  
  Brookfield v Spicer 1-0   Nevska v Kirk   0.5-0.5    
17th July Davies v Spicer   17th July Bateman v Kirk      
  Rowe O v Brookfield Cummins v Nevska  
  Holland v Strade     Rowe P v Hale        
24th July  FREE                
31st July Strade v Davies   31st July Hale v Bateman      
  Brookfield v Holland Nevska v Rowe P  
  Spicer v Rowe O     Kirk  v Cummins      
7th August Davies v Rowe O   7th August Bateman v Cummins      
  Holland v Spicer Rowe v Kirk  
  Strade v Brookfield     Hale v Nevska        
14th August FREE                
21st August Brookfield v Davies   21st August Nevska v Bateman      
  Spicer v Strade Kirk v Hale  
  Rowe v Holland     Cummins v Rowe      
28th August FREE     28th August          
4th September      Finals            
  Winner A v Winner B  
  2nd A v 2nd B  
  3rd A v 3rd B  
  4th A v 4th B  
  5th A b 5th B  
      6th A v 6th B            
Time Limit is 1 hour plus 30 sec increment from move 1.